Civilians is a Funk-Psych band, calling the streets of Brooklyn home. Okay, they don't actually live on the streets, but they certainly do not clean their house.


"Civilians is a seven-piece collective of musicians who met while attending the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. With three horns and a rock rhythm section, the group is full of young energy and ready to make a statement. Civilians’ goal is to combine all styles of music; their focus has been on the fusion of rock, jazz, funk, disco, and more recently, electronic music. Because each member of the band brings a unique sound to the group, their collective improvisation falls in-between the cracks of many different genres, bringing something new and exciting in every performance. Nevertheless, the musicians also understand the importance of making the crowd dance." - My friend Tom sent me this, I suspect he copy & pasted it.


The Poster

This is the poster that comes with the album.



These first two posters used some of the artwork that I didn't use for the album cover. Since these would be for other bands as well as CIVILIANS, we wanted to change the style up a little bit.

Here is a promotional poster from a CIVILIANS show. Since there weren't any other bands playing, I was able to stick to the style of the album cover.


Alternate album cover proposals